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Just Begin

Discover new interests, reconnect with old ones,
or tackle the things that are holding you back.

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Ask anyone what their main goal in life is and they will most likely say ‘to be happy’. But what if happy is not something we can just ‘be’? 

As individuals we have each set about living more purposefully; to prioritise the things which bring us more confidence and meaning and to change the things which don’t. And the surprise reward for this? Greater happiness. Going on this journey led us to create ‘Just Begin’.

We’d love for you to join us.


With a range of services,
we've got you covered


Workshops designed to give you the opportunity to try something new and find your beginning.


Hospitality packages curated with your staff in mind to help them to improve confidence, product knowledge and culinary skills within the workplace.


Bespoke activities tailored towards helping children to learn new cooking and maths skills through fun, engaging activities.

What we do

Move forward by welcoming the changes that progress brings

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Kirsty and Andy are delivering Money Management courses funded by


Businesses, groups & schools
we've worked with so far

Sharon Horry -

Telesales Manager

“Myself and my team have been working closely with Andy for over 6 months now. We have been focusing on Product Training for Telesales using our Products including our Butchery, fresh, prepped fresh and also fish supplier from Moorcroft in Grimsby.

The team look forward to our Product Days with Andy and are constantly gaining knowledge on how versatile we can use our products, how to cook and serve the dishes we make.”


Jackie Baker -

Brownies District Commissioner

"Thank you team Just Begin. We had a fantastic night with lots of lovely feedback. The pizzas were very tasty."

Cherry Willingham Priory Academy

Testimonial coming soon…

Swap living in
the pursuit of
happiness for living with purpose

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